What is a Rebozo?

Want to start getting acquainted with the Rebozo and the ability it has to bring families together? Watch the Video!

Now what if you learned about the rebozo in your Doula Training but still don’t feel confident to pull it out of the dark recesses of your bag during a birth? I’ve heard this said by many doulas over the years, so I finally did something about it. I recently wrote an ebook on how to introduce the rebozo to your clients.

It goes over easy ways to make this foreign, “other” thing accessible to your clients. I also have a position guide available that covers comfort measures with the rebozo. It’s my hope that all doulas will not just “know a little” about the rebozo but that they become proficient with it as well. It is my deepest desire that doulas and midwives, nurses and doctors start to look at the rebozo, not as a tool, or just a piece of fabric. I want them to regard it for what it really is. It’s an extension of your arms, for your love of your client. It’s a means to bring the partner and laboring woman closer. It’s so much more than you may have been taught.